Sunday, July 4, 2010

I think I’m driving my kids crazy

How old do your kids have to be for you to stop worrying about them? 20.. 30?
I’m pretty sure I am driving them crazy always being so concerned about them. Is there a support group out there for parents who just can’t let go? Aren’t we supposed to let them fall on their own asses? That’s how they learn.
I don’t want them learning life lessons the hard way! I wanna cushion their falls, lessen their blows. I can’t remember; did our parents do that for us?? I think I found myself on my ass a few times throughout the years.
Today, I resolve to let go of my grown children. It doesn’t mean I can’t throw a few dollars their way…or provide a bit of advice when asked. But I think I’ve reached their maximum threshold for advice and opinions. I may have spoken one or two times too many about excess weight, about health and nutrition. And I know I gave them enough advice about money and saving it. They’ve been far too patient with me. Perhaps I should now return the favour by letting them make these decisions on their own. In fact, how would I like it if someone started giving me unsolicited advice; they might say I walk my dog too much, they might tell me I’m overly concerned with nutrition….well, actually no one can be overly concerned with nutrition; but that’s a different subject for a different day. They might even try to tell me not to worry so much about my children!!! I sure wouldn’t want that. So, why would my kids like it. Yes, today I resolve to mind my own business. Whatever will I think about all day long?

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