Sunday, July 4, 2010

I think I’m driving my kids crazy

How old do your kids have to be for you to stop worrying about them? 20.. 30?
I’m pretty sure I am driving them crazy always being so concerned about them. Is there a support group out there for parents who just can’t let go? Aren’t we supposed to let them fall on their own asses? That’s how they learn.
I don’t want them learning life lessons the hard way! I wanna cushion their falls, lessen their blows. I can’t remember; did our parents do that for us?? I think I found myself on my ass a few times throughout the years.
Today, I resolve to let go of my grown children. It doesn’t mean I can’t throw a few dollars their way…or provide a bit of advice when asked. But I think I’ve reached their maximum threshold for advice and opinions. I may have spoken one or two times too many about excess weight, about health and nutrition. And I know I gave them enough advice about money and saving it. They’ve been far too patient with me. Perhaps I should now return the favour by letting them make these decisions on their own. In fact, how would I like it if someone started giving me unsolicited advice; they might say I walk my dog too much, they might tell me I’m overly concerned with nutrition….well, actually no one can be overly concerned with nutrition; but that’s a different subject for a different day. They might even try to tell me not to worry so much about my children!!! I sure wouldn’t want that. So, why would my kids like it. Yes, today I resolve to mind my own business. Whatever will I think about all day long?

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Fear prevents us from doing lots of good stuff. It's been a long time since I posted anything on my blog. The longer I go without writing, the more I 'fear' writing; 'how can I write anything after so long? won't people think I'm wierd?' do I have to stay on topic?. Who's even reading this blog? Who cares how long its been as long as you have something interesting to say. I find many people in this same situation. The girl laid off from work who can't seem to make herself go to an employment agency, the older man who's wife left him years ago, but won't accept a friend's offer to set him up.'s the culprit.
Perhaps we find the motivation when we're good and ready? Today I finally printed off two letters I had written back in April; one to Rosie O'Donnell and one to... wait for it....Howard Stern! Going with my gut on this one, I'm asking for their honest opinions...well, and then their help. I have quite the portfolio of famous cartoonists and authors to date, who have written to express their appreciation of Flying Solo. Heck, if I don't get published, at least I'll be able to say I gave it a good shot, and the cartoons were good enough to get all that attention. I wish I could brag here about who has written to me. I really do, but to respect their privacy, I will resist the urge.
Oprah hasn't called me yet...but then I've only blogged about her, and I mentioned waiting for her call in a newspaper interview. I have yet to send her a book. Harpo Studios said they don't take unsolicited material anymore. But heck, there's that fear again. What's the worst thing that could happen?!
It's a very quick time here on this least in the form in which we live at this moment. I used to think that there was no point to anything because time didn't seem to exist. But if let's say there was nothing before this and nothing after this (at least in the existing form) then all you have is Now. Why waste it?