Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ottawa Citizen article published!

Did anyone happen to catch the story on Flying Solo in the paper today? I was interviewed about a week ago, and the story finally came out! I hope that this little bit of publicity will help get word out about Flying Solo. The cartoons not only leave people feeling less alone, but bring humour into otherwise difficult situations. I did create this series to help people who are divorced, widowed, or single parents, after all!

Check out the article online:

Hopefully more stories in the news will come!


  1. Hi Rebecca

    I caught the article in the Ottawa Citizen and I blogged about your cartoons on our divorce blog, Divorce Saloon. You can find the link here: I think there is definitely a lighter side to divorce and I've always said so. We wish you good luck with this project. It's not easy to get writing/artsy projects off the ground but when success hits, it will be wonderful. Stay positive!

    Best regards
    Divorce saloon admin

  2. So nice of you - please stay in touch!